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New in name but active & professional team. We keep moving fast forward…

Huong Quan Transport Corporation (HQT) was established in the recent year of 2015 by a group of most enthusiastic members among the circle of transport and international freight forwarding of Vietnam. These members, who involved themselves as the leaders managing the real works and who were enriched by actual difficulties and trials of the logistic industry from the open market era of Vietnam, now join to prove the value of the new corporation.

We cover them all from the harshness of an urgent small air or LCL shipment up to the complicated headache of an abnormal huge structure to be transported and handled under a tailor – made solution subject to a particular requirement. Together with our partners and agents over the continents, we are working to keep providing the best qualities in all services we engaged.

At HQT, we always welcome your cooperation and all possibilities to co-work for you-and-us better future.


Name in short: HQT
Transaction and operation office: opposite to Thang Long Industrial Park II
Tel+84 2216538666
Phone: 0974357201-0823688898
Email: Huongquanlogistics@gmail.com


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